Is Concrete Finishing a Good Career Choice?

Are you looking for a job with low stress levels, a good work-life balance, and the potential to move up and earn a higher salary? If so, then a career as a concrete finisher might be the right choice for you. Concrete finishers are experts in the construction industry who are responsible for smoothing and finishing concrete surfaces to complete construction projects. They can work on concrete floors, sidewalks, roads, or curbs and collaborate with other qualified tradespeople such as engineers, electricians, plumbers, truckers, and operators. Most entry-level concrete finishing jobs require nothing more than a high school diploma and usually provide on-the-job training.

After honing your resume, you can use search engines to find concrete finishing jobs that match your location, skill set, and preferred qualifications. You may also be eligible for certification in some provinces and territories if you have more than four years of on-the-job experience and some high school, college or industry courses in concrete finishing. To become a concrete finisher, it would be beneficial to have up to 5 GCSE (or equivalent) in mathematics and English, in grade 4 or higher. You can also enroll in physical education courses and athletic programs through your high school to help you build the strength and endurance to be a successful concrete finish.

A concrete finisher's apprenticeship involves both classroom training and hands-on training in the field under the supervision of a certified concrete finisher or officer. An apprentice's salaries usually start below what is the hourly rate of a certified concrete terminator and gradually increase throughout the apprenticeship program. Overtime is often required because concrete finishers cannot leave a project in the middle and return to it the next day. Depending on the climate you work in, you can work longer hours in summer and fewer hours in winter as a concrete finisher.

As a certified concrete finisher, you can write the interprovincial exam to qualify for the red seal of interprovincial standards. Learning more about this job and what it takes to become a concrete finisher can help you start your career. Related work experience or completion of a concrete finishing program at a university or technical institute may reduce the time required to complete your apprenticeship.

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